Updating large recordsets takes long time in ms access database Eavesdrop free chat lines

02-Oct-2017 04:43

Also make sure you have the fastest available reasonably priced (don't go spending lots of money on SCSI if you don't need to) hard drive controller systems and hard drives. I'm quite happy with the performance of my tower systems IDE 100 controller and hard drives. For more information see ACC2000: Saving Objects in DB Slower Than in Earlier Versions - 246306 The problem is likely related to server security as each directory you navigate must be checked against the domain security system.This may be particularly acute in combo boxes and subreports when using a FE/BE system as I've noticed these appear to be poorly optimized.Alternatively I'd suggest having the network people setup a share right on the directory of your BE for your use.Instead of using \Server\Dir1\Subdir2\Subdir3\subdir4\subdir5\you'd use \server\Sharesubdir5. They can can append a $ to the end of the share name to make it a hidden share so as to not confuse people.The continuous form was based on a table with 800,000 records although only a few hundred or thousand records were retrieved and displayed.Access 2000 development does experience a performance decrease (and a related increase of the database size) as compared to Access 97.So run the code in the above mentioned Q261000 article in the Access 97 backend. Note that if you have Name Auto Correct on this will change the Subdatasheet property back to [Auto] for each table to which you make a change. There are many web pages on this topic both Access specific and general relational database systems so I'm not going to get into the details here..

updating large recordsets takes long time in ms access database-62

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updating large recordsets takes long time in ms access database-9

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Refreshing the links to tables can be quite slow even in Access 97.

Note that this has been mentioned as a problem with Access 2000 or newer front ends linking to an Access 97 backend. ACC2000: Slow Performance Opening Object with Name Auto Correct - 200600 Slow Performance When User Opens an Object with Name Auto Correct Enabled - 290181 One symptom is that the MDE can be much quicker when it comes to opening forms than the MDB.

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