Teacher dating ex student

30-Jul-2017 21:27

However then my boyfriend and I broke up about a year after we started talking and this was followed by a pretty bad year for me.In this time he was always there for me and had a knack of knowing how to cheer me up.A little background information before you judge me: I met my current boyfriend when I was 23 and he was 16, it was my first teaching job and he was in my GCSE group.At the time I saw this boy as what he was - a boy, yes a good looking boy who would be dashing when he was older, but far too young for me, plus I was aware of my professional status as a role model.He's about 20 years my senior - but I don't really care, as we're simply friends. Even if he showed extra interest, I'd make it clear that I wasn't interested in pursuing any other kind of intimate relationship; a close friendship is a jump enough! all I wonder is, how do you all feel about ex-student/teacher friendships/relationships? Be happy, and don't listen to the disgusting ***** that thinks that he's only looking for sex.You would've known by now, a year is more than enough to know.

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We talk about all sorts; Shakespeare vs De Vere, Froissart's Chronicles, life as it is at the moment, memories from back at school...

He hasn't actually taught me and only started working at the school during my last year.

I have properly left school now so am no longer a student There is 12 years between us but I know this age gap is not a big issue as one of my family friends has an age gap of this difference and are happily married with 2 children!

It was around this time I began to get feeling for him and eventually I admitted this to him and was surprised to find he felt the same way.

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I am out of education completely and I'm interested to see where this relationship will go.

He was happy to help and that is where our conversations progressed from professional to personal and we began to IM and text.

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