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An annual music festival that donates its profits to battered women’s shelters and breast cancer research institutes is called the Lilith Fair.

In most manifestations of her myth, Lilith represents chaos, seduction and ungodliness.

/ Thief, breaker of bones.” Presumably, if Lilith saw her name written on the plaque, she would fear recognition and quickly depart.

The plaque thus offered protection from Lilith’s evil intentions toward a mother or child.

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Her name appears as the title of a Jewish women’s magazine and a national literacy program.

For in the meantime a dragon had set up its nest at the base of the tree, the Zu-bird had placed his young in its crown, and in its midst the demoness Lilith had built her house.” Wearing heavy armor, brave Gilgamesh kills the dragon, causing the Zu-bird to fly to the mountains and a terrified Lilith to flee “to the desert.” Lilith?

In the 1930s, scholars identified the voluptuous woman on this terracotta plaque (called the Burney Relief) as the Babylonian demoness Lilith.

Lilith stories and amulets probably helped generations of people cope with their fear.

Over time, people throughout the Near East became increasingly familiar with the myth of Lilith.

When Adam insisted she play a subservient role, Lilith grew wings and flew away from Eden.

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