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Unraveling the evidence from Morhiss Mound remains a challenge.

After the long bone fragment had fossilized, it was picked up and used as raw material to make a simple "stone" tool .

Today, fossil bones and bone fragments are still found from time to time in gravel bars along the Guadalupe River. This photographic collage shows an exposed cross-section (profile) through Morhiss Mound.

Similar midden layers are found at many Archaic and Late Prehistoric terrace sites where people often camped along the Guadalupe River.

By roughly 12,000 years ago, if not before, a distinct knoll had formed, a “terrace remnant” in geological terms.

Fossil camel foot bone on the left and a fossilized fragment of a large long bone (perhaps mammoth) found in the "transition zone" at the base of Morhiss Mound.

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