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This process is more complex for couples who are from different cultures, races and religions.2 - Successful intercultural, interracial and interfaith relationships have special challenges, but also special rewards for those who are willing to manage differences in core beliefs not only with their partners, but also with their families, communities and society at large. It will take work and sensitivity to self and others.3 - Whatever decisions and choices you make as a couple about resolving and managing your cultural, religious and racial differences will affect your children.

Their reactions to these issues and the reactions of others to them will need your attention throughout their childhood.

In fact, in the Old Testament provisions were made for Gentiles to convert to Judaism (cf. One should also remember both Rahab and Ruth, Gentile women of faith; they were both accepted into the community of believers (they are even in the genealogical line of Jesus! “But,” someone may say, "the New Testament prohibits being unequally yoked.

Therefore, people of different races shouldn't marry." The passage being referred to here is 2 Corinthians f.

Sometime after Adam and Eve fell, God established a covenant with Abraham.

This covenant was intended to be international in scope—irrespective of cultural boundaries or skin color, that through Abraham's offspring (“seed”) all the nations of the Earth would be blessed (Genesis 12:1-4).

Thankfully, God does not judge humans by mere external appearances.

Though humans have a tendency to judge people by how they look, including their skin color, God does not judge us by color; He judges the heart.

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While our society is becoming increasingly multicultural and mixed, kids are sometimes much more confused and less tolerant of differences than adults are.

It fortifies your marriage immune system by giving you an early alert to potential areas of challenge and providing you with the skills and opportunity to resolve and manage these challenges before stress and conflict emerge.