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“Towards the end of High School Musical 3, we see the main cast walking towards the camera until they stand on a stage. You know when you just can’t wait for summer to begin And then out of sheer glee, you and the other students just straight up trash your school? Reddit user Sky Was The Robot nearly goddam broke our brains when they suggested that the entire High School Musical trilogy is set in a world where all crime is legal. “At the beginning of the second movie, our heroes completely trash their school out of excitement for summer vacation. In reality, those kids probably would have been put on mandatory community service” The fact that no one even gets so much as a whiff of a detention slip is that there is no Social Contract, the philosophical concept of how society works, which basically means you don’t log on to your sister’s Instagram and post embarrassing photos, in exchange for her not doing the same to you.

Curtains fall behind them as they bow to the audience, and the series ends as more curtains close. As tumblr user thereichenbachfinn points out, when Troy was all annoyed thinking Ryan was making a move on Gabriella, he should have seen who Ryan was actually interested in. Unlike the characters of The Purge who get to act out all kinds of nasty stuff for one night, we should be glad the kids of East High School decided to sing about their feels rather than murder the dinner lady.

high school musical dating-59

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Is it just us, or did he used to resemble a cross between Justin Bieber and Harry Potter?

is officially happening, and we could NOT be more excited!

We still don’t know too many specifics, like who the cast will be (likely all new faces) or when the movie will be released (probably in 2017), but still, the fact that it’s happening is good enough for us.

Just like how socialist theory states the proletariat needs to take ownership of the means of production in order to free themselves from class and capitalist oppression.” Riiiigght.

Maybe let’s just look at Troy’s sweet dance moves instead: This is less of a theory and more of a statement of fact: both HSM and Breaking Bad are set in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

As a result, the former Disney star won’t do another film with her former boyfriend.

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