Fake profile married dating site

02-Sep-2017 15:01

While nothing is 100% fool proof, there are steps you can take to minimize your chances of being lured by a fake profile.

That widowed Ukrainian engineer you just met on your favorite dating website? Scam dating profiles are more likely to say they are Catholic; from Nigeria, the Ukraine or the Philippines; widowed and have a doctoral degree—among other characteristics, according to new data compiled by the dating website Seeking

"Because of the fact that we do cater to wealthy demographic, we do get an influx of scammers," he says. Seeking Arrangement got its latest stats from screening new profiles over 10 months.

The profiles first go through automated screening software, which flags both traits in the profile, such as certain ethnicities, and things that aren't visible in the profile, such as certain IP addresses and even certain passwords that scammers seem to like more than other people.

The stories they give are along the lines of working over seas, usually in some high paying job like gas and oil. They will try to get your personal information such as address and start sending their victims gifts. They will claim it is from someone who works for them and is still living in the United States or United Kingdom.

In reality these gifts are coming from someone else who is also being scammed by a fake profile.

Some are completely innocent and others have a negative reason.

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There are multiple reasons why fake profiles are created.

After they groom their victim and earn their trust, they then start having them pick up and ship items to them that are usually bought with stolen credit card information.

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