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“ If it were to go bust the PPF would stand to lose about £600m, before any recoveries from selling company assets, one of the PPF’s largest ever hits.” Wall Street creditors are trying to stop Stockton from seeking municipal bankruptcy protection, arguing that the city wants to restructure debts “on the backs of bondholders” rather than trying to reduce its massive pension obligations.For the second time in history, federal regulators have accused an American state of securities fraud, finding that Illinois misled investors about the condition of its public pension system from 2005 to 2009. " December 2012According to the latest Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook, produced each year by Elroy Dimson, Paul Marsh and Mike Staunton, those who bought Austrian stocks just before the first world war would have sat on losses for 97 years.BHS was once one of the biggest names on the high street, but after falling into administration now it faces an uncertain future.In the first edition of The Briefing Room David Aaronovitch finds out whether it could have survived.In choosing to hold such a high proportion of risky assets, the USS is “absolutely out on a limb”, said John Ralfe The scheme has “taken a huge bet and it hasn’t paid off”.See JER RBC Capital Market Note "Spotlight on USS" May 2006 See JER FTfm article "Robbing Peter to pay Paul’s pension" January 2011When Congress passed a transportation bill in July, it included important changes to rules governing corporate pensions.John Ralfe (Letters, August 14) would do well to read the Office for Budget Responsibility’s latest fiscal sustainability report, published last month. The OBR makes the same "category mistake" as HMT, treating public sector pension payments as a "flow", like old age pensions, rather than repaying a "stock" of liabilities, like gilts.

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Like John Ralfe, the pensions consultant well known to these pages, I was sufficiently struck by the Bank of England’s claims about the impact of QE to take a deeper look at their calculations, and in particular at their estimates of how the first two rounds of QE have affected the performance of the stock market.See JER's FTfm article December 2012 Lawmakers head back to Springfield in early January to try to tackle the state’s massive pension crisis.