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24-Nov-2017 10:35

Just insert your Vista disk, press any key to boot from CD when prompted, and follow the dialogue to start a System Repair. See: would be helpful to know what update is causing the problem.You may have to reinstall some programs, but your old user profiles and all of your data will be preserved in a new file on your C: drive called "Windowsold" or something along those lines. If you are able to restore to a point previous to the problematic update, immediately go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore, and create a new Restore Point. Occasionally the Restore Points get wiped out, even when there is plenty of Hard Drive space for them, and System Restore is enabled. But one way to get around the problem would be to boot into safe mode, then go to the security center in the control panel and turn off windows automatic updates.I will recommend you that if you haven't installed any softwares and you get this problem right after installing the windows just re-install it or you can shut your laptop down about 3 times after that troubleshooting will be started at the boot time if it didn't help than tell us your specifications and also tell did u performed any windows update?Windows Update installed the latest set of fixes on my computer and requested a restart. I pushed the power button and it seemed to shut down but when restarting it just came back, that little circle with the word "restarting ". Most laptops let you hold the power button down for 5 seconds to do a hard power off (which is basically equivalent to pulling the battery but a little bit “kinder” to the device).

Under Advanced Options is an Automatic Repair button. Dude I see your laptop is encountering s problem during boot, it is maybe a hardware or software problem firstly tell me is this problem happened right after installing windows 10 or after some driver update or anything you tried to install specially most 'anti-virus' are not fully compatible with windows 10 the companies are trying to catch up with it.The computer has been stuck at the restarting screen for several hours. This is a simple fix for this problem, perhaps not typical, but my Shift key was stuck down and I could not reboot or get through the start Ctrl alt delete. I had Windows 2012 R2 stuck at reboot with the spinner spinning with the screen pictured in the question. When I logged back in, I saw that the server uptime was still more than a couple minutes.